Ginreab Thai Sweets Logo designed by Kimberley Web Design

Logo Overview

Martin, business co-owner of Ginreab Thai Restaurant is expanding their business to incorporate some of Air’s (his wife and chef) delicious Thai Sweets.

On offer will be deep fried bananas, mango & sticky rice, cheesecakes and cakes, ready to go packaged fresh fruit salads and fruit smoothies to name but a few.

Khanom Wan Thai (literally means Thai sweets (wan means sweet in Thai) and desserts (khanom are Thai desserts).

Martin wanted a lower case, funky trendy font, bright & fresh natural colours (lime green and light irridescent blue), with the catchphrase under the khanom wan thai name “sweets and treats”.

He also specified simple symbol somewhere in the logo that is synonymous with Thai desserts … like a banana leaf, a pandanus leaf or a coconut.

We used the coconut so we could add in a drizzle of milk onto the Letter M to give it that rich, oozy, refreshing look. We incorporated the Thai Roof that we used in Ginreab Thai’s logo so that there was some tie in with 2 completely different look logos.

We used a combination of two fonts called Myriad Pro Semibold Condensed and Philosopher for their business name and catch phrase.

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Client Testimonial

Martin Long – Business Owner

From the outset I was so impressed and inspired with the KWD website with the way it was cleverly laid out and so chock full of handy and useful tips on developing a successful website (and on marketing in general), that I knew Amanda would be a perfect fit to take Ginreab Thai to where we wanted to go with our start up restaurant business.

From our rough and basic ideas on all things website, marketing, logos, menus, menus covers, signage, fb site, food photos and much, much more, Amanda’s experience and personable, friendly, approach and understanding of our intended message and branding position made for an enjoyable and speedy process of development of these ideas in to a wonderful reality.

Amanda morphed our logo into the pleasing end result, with all coming along for the ride, a magical and fun experience to be part of.

We are so happy with the professional and user friendly results and can’t praise Amanda enough for what she has done for our business.