Mibala Burru Logo designed by Kimberley Web Design

Logo Overview

Kimberley Web Design was approached by Mabala Burru to create a logo that would encapsulate their cultural heritage and community values. The specific request was to incorporate a boab flower into the design, symbolizing strength, resilience, and connection to the land.

Our design goals were to ensure the design was aesthetically elegant and easily recognisable but also worked well across various platforms and materials, from digital media to print.

We engaged with Mabala Burru to understand their mission, values, and the significance of the boab flower in their community and researched cultural symbols and the visual aesthetics associated with the boab tree and its flowers.

Concept Development:

    • Developed several initial sketches focusing on different aspects of the boab flower.
    • Presented these concepts to Mabala Burru for feedback and direction.


    • Refined the chosen concept, enhancing the details and ensuring it resonated with the cultural and community significance.
    • Focused on creating a design that was both unique and representative of Mabala Burru’s identity.


    • Delivered the final logo design in multiple formats, ensuring it could be used effectively in various applications.

Client Feedback:

“Mabala Burru is extremely pleased with the new logo created by Kimberley Web Design. The boab flower design beautifully represents our heritage and values. The team was professional and attentive to our cultural needs, delivering a logo that truly resonates with our community.” – Mabala Burru Team


The Mabala Burru logo design project showcases Kimberley Web Design’s ability to create culturally significant and visually appealing logos. This project highlights our commitment to understanding our clients’ unique identities and translating them into effective visual representations.

We delivered the final logo design in multiple formats for use in various applications, including packaging, digital media, and promotional materials.

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Client Testimonial

Chris Bergmann – Business Owner

Amanda has developed several business logos for us. She has provided a very timely & professional service. Responds quickly to alterations & provides lots of options. Will definitely use this service again in the future. Thanks