In todays online world, its not only about having a great website with good content but also how quickly that content takes to load. Slow websites, no matter how good they are, generally don’t perform well, as users expect a fast delivery of content.

Optimising your images for faster load speeds is essential to dealing with slow websites.

Most users are familiar with two main types of image files, JPG and PNG.

JPG or JPEG — are best used for photos and PNG — for smaller type graphics, such as buttons and feature transparent backgrounds which is great for placing graphics such as a logo on to any background image or colour.

The industry standard for photos is Photoshop and for graphics, Illustrator. Both of these come with a hefty price tag and also a steep learning curve.

Luckily, there are many great free apps out now that provide specific capabilities such as these.


Great for cropping that image to the right size to fit in a particular spot of your website.


Compressing your images for faster page load.

Image Optimizer

Another great free site for resizing, compressing and optimizing your image files.


Design tool for creating graphics.

Name your images

Not only do search engines like named images, its good practice to name your images descriptively for people with visual impairment who use screen readers to read website content.

Coming across an image named image001.jpg does not make for a good user experience.

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