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Kimberley Web Design Builds Beautiful Sites.

With Clean And Simple, Yet Eye-Catching Designs, That Create A Good First Impression!

Your website is often the first experience people have with your brand, so make your first impression count.

Embarking on the journey of creating a website for your business or brand, can sometimes seem a little overwhelming.

Where Do You Start?

Take a look through our portfolio for inspiration.

We promise to make your journey less confusing.

graphic design of boab nut native to the Kimberley

Check out our FAQ below

  • Content was designed to attract user attention, using interactive elements to increase engagement and employing ..

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  • VCC Website features online forms, clickable telephone number and email and use of pop overs to explain to end users industry ..

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  • Their website features galleries that link to individual house plans and a page of testimonials from very satisfied customers.

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  • Pearlcoast Glass Website is a responsive design and the home page utilises a full screen background image for that wow ..

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  • Paradise Linens Website is an online shopping experience that utilises our photography to showcase their unique and ..

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  • OZM is a Sydney based engineering business. Their website uses full width images with animated text announcing their services ..

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  • Office Star's new website is modern, easy to navigate and features a rotating banner of their suppliers logos, an online form and ..

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  • Kimberley Sands requirements were to upgrade their current website from a hard to operate platform called Workflow ..

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  • This was an opportunity to revitalise the brand’s digital presence, capitalising on contemporary web practices to deliver an ..

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  • A new Content Management System that provided the opportunity for growth, a web presence and a place for clients to choose ..

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  • Kimberley Enviro Solutions objectives were to make the site easy to navigate and to provide their clients with information regarding ..

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  • Web designers often relish the opportunity to have full creative control over a website project ..

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  • A feature rich e-commerce site that was both challenging and fun providing members with their own portals for listing their art ..

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  • A CMS website that portrays the amazing work this not for profit does for social transformation and improvement in health ..

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  • A complete marketing package including web and logo design, shop signage, in house and takeaway ..

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  • Navigating Digital Waters with a Fresh Online Presence - Transforming their online presence into a beacon of professional excellence and user engagement.

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  • Engawa's website layout is a bit different from the usual with only half the home page having content, lending a very modern ..

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  • Website re-design showcases a polished and professional aesthetic that perfectly aligns with the maritime industry ..

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  • Navigating Digital Waters with a Fresh Online Presence - Transforming their online presence into a beacon of professional excellence and user engagement.

    Views: 6252 min read
  • Buildmore Constructions needed a “web presence” and wanted a platform that would allow them to build their website up ..

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  • Broome Netball Website features a rotating slideshow, an event calendar and all the latest news on their home page.

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  • A new and exciting Virtual Museum has been added to commemorate the Japanese Air Raid on Broome, 3 March, 1942, during ..

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  • This site was built to give business owners, a “web presence”, advertising their services, testimonials and contact details, along ..

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  • The Banana Well Getaway website features an internal booking system and utilises our photography services.

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Web Hosting FAQ

Do you teach me how to use my new website2023-02-01T13:26:55+08:00

Kimberley Web Design has taught nearly everyone of their clients how to use their new website.

After all that is what a CMS is designed for.

You can read more about this on our WordPress Training page.

Do you provide support after the site is developed?2023-01-14T15:24:41+08:00

Yes, Kimberley Web Design offers Maintenance Packages to our clients.

Our Maintenance Packages are great value, unlike other web design companies, we do not charge you in 30m or sometimes even 1 hour blocks. We keep a time sheet and if your update takes 5m then, that is what is recorded.

You can read more about our Maintenance Packages.

WordPress versus Squarespace, Wix and Shopify2023-01-14T11:59:34+08:00

Squarespace, Wix and Shopify tout themselves as free and easy to use but are they really?

After using these platforms for clients who have hit a dead end and have rung us to help complete their websites, we have come to the conclusion that these sites are very limited in their functionality and design.

Wix for example offers free websites but the catch to that is that they can then advertise on your site.

Squarespace offers as few as 60 templates to choose from and Shopify for instance when calculating shipping only allows for weight, so if your products are more expensive because of their dimensions, then there is no way to calculate accurate shipping.

WordPress on the other hand has over 55,000 plugins to cater for any functionality of a website. Over 10,000 templates to choose from and the platform is also free. There is a steeper learning curve for wordpress and that is why most people choose to pay a web designer.

WordPress is a Content Management System like the other platforms and this enables you once the website is built to login to the backend and make changes to the site yourself.

What Is A Responsive Website?2023-01-13T16:44:22+08:00

A Responsive website “responds” in size and format to the device that it is being viewed on.

It shrinks if you are looking at it on a smart phone and expands when viewing on a large computer monitor.

Millions of people are now playing with devices that can be held in 2 ways, portrait and landscape and content and images on the website need to shift, to accommodate both orientations.

Responsive Web Design is achieved by adapting the content, design, navigation and method of interaction to deliver the same comfort and usability to the mobile user as to the desktop user.

Does the number of pages in a website affect the cost of a website2023-01-13T16:42:22+08:00

The answer to that, is of course yes.

That being said most costs are taken up with designing the website.

Design will include things like how big the font is, what colour, what size titles in a page, whether a page has a centred title and then 3 columns underneath.

All these settings are input in the initial design of the website and then used over and over again, without having to enter these details in every time, in other words globally across the site.

Therefore making a new page when all these settings are in place, is less time consuming and therefore less costly.

How Much Does A Website Cost?2023-01-13T16:34:03+08:00

The cost of a web site varies depending on the size and complexity.

A small HTML Website with one page could cost as little as 2,000 whereas an E-Commerce website with a large number of pages and many products, could cost $10,000 or more.

A CMS (Content Management System) is a little more expensive than an HTML Website, as it is more complex to develop. A CMS without custom functionality, is usually between $2,500 and $5,000.

Training is usually over and above the final cost of the website.

Of course, ways can be found to bring down costs. For example with either an e-commerce or CMS, if much of the data entry (images or text) is done by yourself, this can reduce costs considerably.

There are many factors that determine the cost, that’s why it’s a good idea to contact us so that we can get an idea of your business goals and how your website can best be put to work for you.


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