Writing content for your website includes a few topics such as SEO, Grammatics/Spelling and Design.

If you have the money to invest and being in the top 10 of a search, is vital for your business, then you need the services of an SEO Company.

SEO content for your website

To write SEO targeted content for your website, you should first concentrate on your home page.

Think about what your business is about? What would you type in a search if you were looking for your business. Would you type in Perth plumbers, or hotels in Broome? Whatever words you came up with for your search, become your keywords.

When writing your introductory text for your homepage, use these keywords in your text at least 3 or 4 times.

Repeat this process for every page in your website.

Grammatics and Spelling

Writing content that is grammatically correct and with no spelling errors is essential to writing content for your website. Make sure you read over your text a few times, to make sure you have it right. There are many text based programs, that can detect grammatical and spelling errors.

Users of your website, can be very intolerant of spelling and grammatical errors and this can reflect badly on their view of the quality of your services or products.

Your sentences should be between 50-75 characters, this is the accepted norm for comfortable reading.

Make your text easy to read

Keep to the point! We’ve all heard the expression, “Less is more” and this definitely applies to writing content for your website.

People skim online, you need to give your users what they want quickly. You need to provide enough detail upfront but make more detailed information available for those who want to know more than the basics.

Start with the Punch Line

The point of your website should be at the very top of your page.

Users don’t like reading lengthy articles to get to the point, most times they just give up and you have lost them.


Well this part should really be delegated to your Web Designer. A good web designer should know when to use titles and white space to best show off your content 🙂

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