You may have seen the term “UX” short for “User Experience”.  Google is constantly changing its algorithms to deliver better user experiences.

Therefore using an experienced Web Designer is crucial to having a site that performs well in todays market.

Is your site Mobile Friendly?

Speed Matters

Having fast page load for your website is another essential factor when designing your site. Although some features may look impressive, they are actually slowing down your website. An example of this are slideshows, especially full screen slideshows.

In today’s fast-paced world, a slow website can significantly deter visitors. With many consumers being time-conscious, prolonged load times can result in lost clientele.

There are many factors that influence page speed which in turn influences ranking results.   So ask your web designer if this is something that they are designing for when building your new website.

Google’s approach to UX (User Experience) is holistic, grounded in the understanding that every touchpoint matters.

The company’s success is not just because of its cutting-edge algorithms or vast data centers, but also because of its relentless focus on the user.

By prioritizing simplicity, speed, and user feedback, Google continues to set the gold standard for user experience in the digital age.  Contact us to make sure you are utilising todays best user experience!