Kimberley Cabinets website designed by Kimberley Web Design


Kimberley Cabinets, business owners granted us full creative control, including SEO, content and design.

Web designers often relish the opportunity to have full creative control over a website project as it allows them to fully tap into their expertise and creativity, crafting a digital experience without constraints often leading to a more cohesive and integrated design.

The website was designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring seamless performance across all devices, be it mobile phones, tablets, or desktops.

SEO was designed and deployed into the design through the use of keywords, titles and meta descriptions.The primary objective of the Kimberley Cabinets website was to provide an elegant, user-friendly digital platform that showcases the company’s high-quality, custom cabinetry services.

An outstanding feature of their service is their ability to provide a 3D rendering of your design.

Simply supply them with your measurements and materials and they can show you what the finished product will look like.


Imagery used throughout the website was set to inspire, with points of contact throughout the design, simply a click away.

Customers can explore custom cabinet offerings, schedule consultations, and gain an understanding of the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Providing links to their suppliers through their websites and Instagram accounts allows customers to explore the extensive range of custom options available with Instagram providing countless images of their products used in homes throughout Australia.

Kimberley Cabinets website has a FAQ section, on every page, designed to cover a broad range of topics, from the types of timber best suited for your application, the installation process, warranty, and design tips.

By prioritising user experience and incorporating a detailed FAQ section, we were able to deliver a website that not only looks great but also serves as a valuable resource for Kimberley Cabinets’ customers.

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