Photoshoot for e-commerce site at Broome Beach - Kimberley Web Design

Photoshoot Overview

Paradise Linens beautiful range of casual linen beach wear was shot at one of Broome’s spectacular beaches with pindan cliffs and amazing rock architecture for use in their e-commerce website.

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, a captivating image can make all the difference between a conversion and a bounce. The way a product is presented can heavily influence a potential buyer’s decision, and that’s particularly true when it comes to fashion.

Our photos aimed at inviting customers to visualize themselves lounging on sun-drenched beaches, cooled by the sea breeze.

Lighting is Key:

Lighting sets the mood for your photos. For outdoor shoots, early morning or late afternoon offers the most flattering, soft light. In a studio, a professional lighting setup can create the same effect.

Select the Right Models:

The models you choose should resonate with your target audience. They should reflect the lifestyle your brand embodies. Also, ensure that your models are comfortable in their beachwear, as this will shine through in the photos.

Use a Professional Photographer:

While it can be tempting to do everything in-house, hiring a professional photographer can be a game changer. They’ll have the experience, skills, and equipment needed to truly capture the essence of your linen beachwear.  Use of an SLR camera will ensure that an amazing shot will be available for use in printed material which requires high resolution images.

If you would like to know more about our Photography Services and how bundling photography with your website can not only save you money but also provide a professional website presentation, please get in touch.