Brochure Overview

The OMG Outdoor Showers Brochure is a 6 panel, trifold brochure containing images of their products along with useful information and contact details.

Designing a brochure is not a simple process and requires mathematical calculations for placement and industry knowledge in the use of programs such as “Illustrator or Indesign” to produce a brochure that is ready to send to a professional printer.

Not every printer has every font, so if you have chosen a boutique type font, your brochure will need to be presented to professional printers in “Outline” mode, whereby the font is embedded into the design document.

Colours are another important consideration and we went along with our client to the printers at the very beginning of the design concept to choose colours. The reason we take this extra step, is to avoid any disappointment with colours from screen to print. Colours seen on a monitor with light shining through them look very different printed.

Colours will vary greatly from one monitor to another, the green on my monitor will look completely different from the green on your monitor.

Using professionals, not only saves you time but money in the long run.
We designed their gorgeous E-commerce Website but unfortunately this business is no longer operating.

Take a look at our other Graphic Design work, for inspiration.

Client Testimonial


Together with Amanda we worked closely to create the beautiful website, logo and brochure.

We are very happy with the final result, a stunning, functional e-commerce website that we are very proud of.

As well as beautifully presented brochures and of course our gorgeous logo.

Thanks Amanda.