Squarespace, Wix and Shopify tout themselves as free and easy to use but are they really?

After using these platforms for clients who have hit a dead end and have rung us to help complete their websites, we have come to the conclusion that these sites are very limited in their functionality and design.

Wix for example offers free websites but the catch to that is that they can then advertise on your site.

Squarespace offers as few as 60 templates to choose from and Shopify for instance when calculating shipping only allows for weight, so if your products are more expensive because of their dimensions, then there is no way to calculate accurate shipping.

WordPress on the other hand has over 55,000 plugins to cater for any functionality of a website. Over 10,000 templates to choose from and the platform is also free. There is a steeper learning curve for wordpress and that is why most people choose to pay a web designer.

WordPress is a Content Management System like the other platforms and this enables you once the website is built to login to the backend and make changes to the site yourself.